New York Light, 2013-14, 2015

Here are excerpts from the sketchbook of small paintings I did whenever I was in New York, over the course of 2014.  There are 24 paintings.  The sketch book was from a "honeymoon" trip to Paris over 30 years ago.

6 x 10, water-based paint on paper in album a dessin

Quaker Harmonizer, 2014

catalog for the exhibition at Assembly in Montreal, Canada, October 2014:

60 years, 2014

60 is the new...
a birthday present to myself.
4 x 3, 60 pages, folding book form, water-based paint on arches in wooden box

Dystopian Lexicon

Dystopian Lexicon was a project originated by the Sketchbook project.  I was randomly given three words to create a triptych.  The exhibition traveled and returned to me, at which time I made this clam shell box. 

Band Adages, 2014

15 5/8 x 22 1/4, 7 monotypes using Akua ink, hand roller
 cover, closed

 title page

 band aid

 band length

 band shell

 band stand

 band wagon

 band width

band it


Band, for the Sketchbook Project, 2013

Gave sketchbooks to R, Aa, and Sa for Hanukkah this year.  I thought it would be lovely to work on them over the holidays, by the fire.  Of course I got over eager to begin and ended up finishing before anyone else started.

7 x 5, computer text, gouache and collage, vellum paper

definition text from dictionary,

1:  something that confines or constricts while allowing a degree of movement 

  3:  a strip serving to join or hold things together

b :  a more or less well-defined range of wavelengths, frequencies, or energies 

 :  to unite for a common purpose